They Call HER the "Master of Metal"

I'm so glad that you took time out of your day to stop by OurLittleShopDesigns! We are a new small business, but definitely aren't new to what we do! My husband and I own and run OurLittleShopDesigns. Everything in our store is hand made by us. We love what we do, as well as love the fact that we can do it together! From wood, to steel, to paint, to powder coating, all the way to the bows.... Everything is made to exceed any expectation! We take pride in our work and would love to make something special for you. If you have a custom request, please let us know! We'd love to help.


She had a good job and things were going great but Shae Flowers decided to take a chance and do something different. She decided to start her own company.

“The way I was raised, you work hard and you’re proud of what you have,” said Shae Flowers, owner of Our Little Shop Designs.

She has a creative side, but the artwork isn’t your typical style.

“I don’t really have pretty nails. I’m always a little bruised up, scabbed up, burnt, but that’s okay. It’s worth it," Flowers said.

She turns sheets of metal into works of art. She makes huge signs for companies or custom signs for families. If its metal, she can work on it and turn it into something special.

“I enjoy seeing the smiles on people’s faces when I give it to them. They are like, ‘wow, I didn't expect it to be like this.’ That just puts the biggest smile on my face and I'm ready for the next one," Flowers said.

The process is pretty cool. Customers send in their design ideas and Flowers and her fiancé come up with a design on the computer. Once the customer approves the design they upload the plans into a massive metal cutting machine. Once the machine is programmed it does all the cutting, and does it fast.

“A lot of people will try to cut it by hand, but this machine is just so precise,” Flowers added.

So the machine carves up metal designs. Then it goes to a metal sanding machine to get all the rough spots off both sides.

“I do a little surface prep to make sure the powder coat sticks well. That’s where the magic happens,” Flowers said.

Flowers has more than 6,500 different color options to apply to her metal masterpieces. Once she sprays it on, it goes into the oven.

“We let it get up to about 400 degrees. This piece with the powder coat needs about 13 minutes,” Flowers added.

A tiny shop in Spring Hill, Alabama is pumping out products to customers all over the world, and she’s just getting started.

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